Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sally Martin

Name:  Sally Martin
B-day: May 14, 1985
Origin:  Wellington, New Zealand

Sally Erana Martin is an actress best known for her role as Tori Hanson/the Blue Wind Ninja Ranger, who has the Power of Water on the television series Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. Martin became very famous after doing the Power Rangers series.

Besides her role in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, she has also worked in several other shows such as The Tribe and The Strip and in the TV movie Murder in Greenwich.

Aya Sugimoto

Name: Aya Sugimoto
B-day: July 19, 1968
Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in), Weight 52 kg (110 lb; 8.2 st)
Measurements: 86-58-86 cm, 34-23-34 in
Origin: Japan

Sugimoto is best known in Japan as a television personality. As an actress, one of her better known roles is that of Queen Beryl in the 2003-2004 TV series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, a live action adaptation of the 1990s anime series.

In Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Sugimoto plays as an Interpol investigator named Maria S. Cranberry.
She is also starring in some Ultraman Movies
her Website:

Ai Saikawa

Name: Ai Saikawa
B-day: 1985/06/06
Blood:    A
Ai Saikawa is a Gravure Idol who play as Marina Kazama in Ultraman Mebius 2006-2007.
Marina Kazama is a former motorcycle racer with dreams of becoming one of the first internationally known women in the sport. At the same time she is also a member of CREW GUYS.
at the moment, other informations related with Ai Saikawa is still unknown, hehehe..

Saaya Ishikawa

Name: Saaya Ishikawa
B-day: December 21, 1982 
Origin: Fukuoka, Japan
Height: 5.45ft, Weight: 108lb
Shoes size: 9.4 inches
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Skills and Interests:
Reading, Watching films,
Classical ballet, Japanese traditional dance Nihon-Buyo,
Antique furniture and old stationery collection,
Watch, Gardening, Single malt whisky, etc......

some TV Shows featuring Saaya:
Ultraman Mebius (2006-2007) as Yuki Misaki
Ultraseven X - episode 7 (2007) as Nataru heroine
B.A.: English and American Literature, Fukuoka Women's University

her website:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mariya Yamada

Name: Mariya Yamada
B-day: March 5, 1980
B-place: Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Height: 153 cm
Blood Type: A
She plays as Mai Midorikawa a member of Super GUTS. She is also guess staring in some films: Seven Female Lawyers 2 (TV Asahi/2008), and Ranpo R (YTV/2004)-ep.5
and Appears in some TV Movies: Gate of Fles (TV Asahi/2008) and The Files of Young Kindaichi: Murder on the Magic Express (NTV/2001).
Latest news about her:
She announced on her blog Feb 08, that she is getting married to 40-year-old actor Kusano Toru.
They were first discovered as a couple last year.
Just the day before, Yamada Mariya attended a DVD release event where she denied rumors that she was getting married next month.
It is not yet clear when the couple plans to register their marriage.

Takami Yoshimoto

Name: Takami Yoshimoto
B-day: 13 October 1971
B-place: Saitama, Japan
Height: 162 cm, Weight: 46kg
Measurements: Approximately 34B-23-34 (85-59-85 cm)
Blood Type: O  
Takami, who played "Rena Yanase" in the TV series Ultraman Tiga, is the daughter of Susumu Kurobe, the original Ultraman! She is a swimsuit model from Japan, She is also staring some other film: Neverland, Rasen, and Lipstick
When not filming, Yoshimoto likes to travel around the world on her bicycle, doing so for the past 15 years. In an public interview at the Cycle Model International 2008 in Osaka, she said the longest distance she cycled was 160 km. She recalled that she fell off her bike at Colorado, fracturing her cheekbone.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Erin Cahill

Name: Erin Jessica Cahill
B-day: January 4, 1980
Erin Jessica Cahill is an actress best known for her role as Jen Scotts on the television series Power Rangers: Time Force. Appeared at Power Morphicon 2010 in Pasadena, CA.
Cahill was born in Virginia. She was Miss Junior Virginia 1991. She graduated from Brooke Point High School in Stafford, Virginia in 1998.
Her mother, Deborah Cahill, is her manager.
In her spare time, Cahill is an avid supporter of Free Arts for Abused Children. She currently resides in Calabasas, California.
Recently appeared for in a TV commercial for Bank of America to promote the BankAmericard credit card.

Tracy Lynn Cruz

 Name: Tracy Lynn Cruz

Cruz was born in Orange County, California. She is best known for playing Ashley Hammond in several Power Rangers series. Ashley Hammond was the Yellow Ranger during Power Rangers: Turbo  and Power Rangers in Space, and made a return appearance during Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. Cruz modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch  from 2002-2004 and had a cameo in the film Eastside. In 2010 she appeared at the 2010 Power Morphicon alongside her former Power Rangers co-stars Selwyn Ward, Blake Foster, and Roger Velasco.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Brittany Pirtle

Name: Brittany Pirtle

Brittany Anne Pirtle stars in "Power Rangers Samurai" on Nickelodeon as The Yellow Ranger, Emily, whose element is earth. Her Zord is the ape. Emily is a sweet, innocent country girl who was never supposed to be a Power Ranger. It was her sister who was destined for the squad, but an illness forced Emily to take her place. Although she is a bit of a fish out of water, the passion of the team and the bustle of the city inspires Emily to train hard and make her sister proud.

Brittany Anne Pirtle Young is an actress and print model. Brittany Pirtle is also a cheerleader who has competed at Cheerleading Worlds 2008, UCA National Championship and USA National Championship. Brittany Anne Pirtle's tumbling skills were featured in the direct-to-video movie "Bring It On: Fight to the Finish."

Brittany Anne Pirtle was born and raised in San Diego, California.

Erika Fong

Name: Erika Fong
B-day: Unknown
Erika Fong stars in "Power Rangers Samurai" on Nickelodeon as The Pink Ranger, Mia, whose element is the sky. Her Zord is the turtle. Mia is a confident, sensitive big sister to the Power Rangers. She is so eager to give that sometimes her own needs get overlooked. She considers herself to be a great cook, but you'd have a hard time finding another Ranger who agreed. One thing they can agree on is that Mia is a crucial part of their monster-fighting family.

The role marks Erika Fong's TV series debut. Erika Fong is from Plymouth, Minnesota, and is a fan of the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings. Erika Fong enjoys listening to world music.

Yui Koike

Name: Yui Koike
B-day: April 4 1991
Height : 157cm & Size : 24.0cm
Yui Koike is a gravure idol and actress. She plays as Ahim de Famille aka GokaiPink in Super Sentai series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, 2011. Prior to that, she also guest starred in the finale episode of the Kamen Rider W as the sister of Akira (since her character is left unnamed).